Connecting World Wide Commerce

The International Chamber of Commerce Of Nevada (ICCN) is an organization serving Las Vegas Nevada and Global businesses.


Bringing together global business and trade is an evolving industry.


Making deals while following the rules of each country

Health & Wellness

Physical health is a goal in many countries


This town was built on having fun with no strings

Economic Development

Business growth in a global economy is what we do


People come in from all over to visit our town

Marketing Plans

Get your business or brand connected world-wide

Become an ICCN Member

Becoming a member of the ICCN opens doors to the fastest growing sector of the Nevada business community. Dedicated to the growth
and success of all members, the ICCN will connect you to the contacts, tools, and resources businesses need to thrive.

Get support with business development resources that will help your business launch and continue to grow support with business.

Attend networking events to share your industry knowledge, expand your
influence, and build your relationships.

Be a part of an organization that not only invests in businesses, but also
invests in the overall health of Nevada and the education and development our community’s future leaders.


Join the club with many other prestigious companies.

Contact the ICCN to see what we can do for you