Get support with business locally and globally. Resources that will help your business launch and grow. 

Services we Provide

Attend networking events to share your industry knowledge, expand your influence, and build your relationships.

Be a part of an organization that not only invests in businesses, but also invests in the overall health of Nevada
and the education and development our community’s future leaders.



“Becoming a member of the ICCN opens doors to the business sector of the Nevada and Globally and our community. We are Dedicated to the growth and success of all members, the ICCN will connect you to the contacts, tools, and resources businesses need to thrive”
Business Performance Monitor

This helps businesses make smarter decisions and optimize their operations for better results.

Our Promise

The Mission statement for International Chamber Of Commerce Of Nevada is to Unite the world in diversity.

To create job opportunities, tourisms, equity and inclusion. To promote business, education and economic development. Our goal is to partner with the city as we volunteer to assist to implement longevity Monuments, Museums and various city attractions


ICCN encourage empowerment for businesses


We stive for total transparency on all of our business growth and trade opportunities


ICCN in partnership locally and globally for any business trade and resources in tools


We are here to provide Growth to a local and globally businesses.